Travel in a Bottle

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passportAs regular readers know, I write a free, twice monthly wine column that’s distributed to newspapers across the country.

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In my latest column, I explain how wine enthusiasts get to travel somewhere virtually every night.

Travel in a Bottle

Now that Independence Day is behind us, the summer is in full swing. Barbecues, hikes, and lazy days at the pool abound. And most of us are itching to leave town — eager to spend some time away from work, escaping from it all.

Wine enthusiasts are fortunate in that we get to go somewhere virtually every night.

How? As food, wine, and spirits expert Anthony Dias Blue once explained, “wine is a passport to the world.”

Consider Muscadet, a French white wine produced around the city of Nantes, where the Loire River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Made from a grape called “Melon de Bourgogne,” the wines are marked by subtle-yet-precise aromas of apples, limes, and seawater. Thanks to extended contact with the dead yeast cells left over after fermentation, Muscadet is also known for exhibiting a creamy mouthfeel.

Nantes’ local cuisine takes full advantage of the Loire River and the Atlantic, so unsurprisingly, these wines are perfect with shellfish and seafood dishes.

I’ve never been to Nantes, but every time I open a bottle of Muscadet, I’m taken to the coast of western France – and find myself craving mussels and fries.

Similarly, whenever I sip Australian Shiraz, I picture myself at a campfire in the Outback with a giant slab of beef.

The list goes on.

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