Daily Wine News: Virginia Rising

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RdV Vineyards.

RdV Vineyards.

“For more than two decades, Mr. Paschina has been trying to make the case that Virginia wine deserves a place at the table with Barolo and Bordeaux.” In the New York Times, Adrienne Carter writes a fantastic piece on Virginia’s wine industry.

“They make summer as rewarding as ever – only with a bit more gravitas.” In the San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Bonné suggests several white wines “that offer an opportunity for contemplation without falling prey to pretense.”

Elsewhere in the Chronicle, Bonné chats with James Conaway about “Nose.” (As regular readers know, I reviewed “Nose” in May.)

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague wonders if the “natural” wine movement is about taste or just ideology.

In Palate Press, Evan Dawson writes the second part of a series on Burgundy vintner Jean-Marie Guffens. (In case you missed it, Part 1.)

“My Greek host had lured me to Switzerland with the promise of a complete vertical of Pétrus.” In her latest column, Jancis Robinson makes the entire wine world jealous.

“If you have the vaguest interest in wine, and dine out with any frequency, you need to see this film.” Robert Whitely reviews SOMM.

In Wine-Searcher, Rebecca Gibb details the best wine country hotels, across the world.

Two weeks ago (I somehow missed it), Bertrand Celce went “behind the hype and glamour of Champagne” to reveal that the region is disgustingly dependent on the use of pesticides. It’s an eye-opening piece.

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