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jug-wine“Carlo Rossi’s plea to pay sole attention to what’s in the glass can thus be seen as part of a larger socio-cultural movement. Rossi’s straightforward approach encouraged wine drinkers to bypass the conventional critical apparatus of wine.” In Boom, David Michalski of the Unversity of California-Davis writes a wonderful essay exploring big wine and authenticity. It’s well worth reading. (H/T: Jeff Siegel.)

“Not only does terroir exist everywhere, its expression changes everywhere.” Kyle Schlachter explores the meaning of terroir.

“When it gets really hot, factors such as refreshment and freshness come to the fore, trumping complexity and maturity. In short, we crave a glass of bracing, food-friendly wine. In this category, especially in terms of price and alcohol level, one wine trumps them all: Vinho Verde.” So contends Will Lyons in the Wall Street Journal Europe.

On Forbes.com, Katie Kelly Bell contends that the Languedoc is a great source of value wines.

“Syrian winery, Domaine Bargylus, continues to go to extraordinary lengths to get its wines from a war zone to the elite wine lists of Europe.” In Harper’s, Michael Karam shares a remarkable story.

In Wine-Searcher, “10 Things Every Wine Lover Should Know About Pichon-Lalande.”

In Wine Spectator, Jennifer Fiedler offers “7 Do’s and Don’ts of Talking About Wine to a Non-Wine Crowd.”

Araujo Estate has been purchased by Artémis Group, the owners of Château Latour. Tyler Colman has more.

“Australia is best known for its blockbuster shiraz from the Barossa and minty cabs from Coonawarra, but a pinot noir from the little-known Gippsland region has been awarded the title ‘Australian Wine of the Year 2014′ by the country’s best-known critic.” In Wine-Searcher, Rebecca Gibb has the details.

Steve Heimoff doesn’t “expect Petite Sirah to explode like Pinot Noir post-Sideways… until George Clooney and Ryan Gosling make a buddy movie about it.”

On that note, a little something for the ladies. “Definitive Proof That Ryan Gosling Is Like A Fine Wine.”

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