Daily Wine News: Bavarian Butcher

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Annibale Carracci's "The Butcher's Shop." (Wikimedia.)

Annibale Carracci’s “The Butcher’s Shop.” (Wikimedia.)

“Imagine you’re the son of a Bavarian butcher. You study marketing and economics at university, don’t have any winemaking qualifications and can’t speak Spanish. Why on earth would you think it was a good idea to start a winery in a remote village in Catalonia’s Priorat?” In Wine-Searcher, Rebecca Gibb profiles Dominik Huber of Terroir al Limit. 

“It is Benjamin Button in a bottle, a meditation on both youth and age.” Jon Bonné explains how Sherry’s “true significance comes into focus” when you “look to its homeland.”

Elsewhere, Richard Auffrey explains why “more people need to taste dry Sherry.”

“The juiciness of the wine lends itself to cooling down the spiciness of Thai and Indian fare. Albariño’s lighter weight and flavors complement shellfish and grilled fish. Its freshness accents fresh garden produce beautifully. Enjoy it with fresh sliced watermelon — my favorite!” On Serious Eats, Lily Elaine Hawk Wakawaka offers some thoughts (and a cartoon!) on what pairs well with Albariño.

On Decanter.com, Kyle Schlachter chats with Doug Shafer.

Mike Veseth comments on Decanter’s 2013 Power List.

“What should be an effortless dining experience can, without thoughtful care in service, become a bit of a wrestling match. We’ve all experienced this. And it’s so unnecessary.” Matt Kramer explores who is to blame for bad wine service. Sometimes, it’s our own fault.

Tyler Colman wonders if the wine trade misjudged the Brangelina rosé.

Wine Consumption Reduces Kidney Stone Risk.” It’s science!

“A ten gallon cask of port would weigh approximately 90 pounds so it was quite a load to carry almost half a mile.” Aaron Nix-Gomez continues his series on wine thefts in London from 1685-1799.

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