Daily Wine News: Affordable Burgundy

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Looking for good, affordable Burgundy? Eric Pfanner thinks you should look to the Côte Chalonnaise.

A Côte Chalonnaise vineyard (Wikimedia).

“Appearance is all when it comes to the production of wine in China. The countryside is now studded with palaces built in a style one might call Château Walt Disney.” Jancis Robinson writes a fascinating piece about China’s burgeoning wine scene.

“The great thing about many of these wines is their — how else to put it? — honesty and passion.” W. Blake Gray tastes through a number of wines from Croatia and Slovenia.

“So go ahead, use that special corkscrew, decant that wine, and swirl to your heart’s content. The wine will only get better.” Alder Yarrow highlights a new study on the power of ritual.

“The movie will make you thirsty in more ways than one.” Tyler Colman reviews SOMM. Meanwhile, in the latest episode of Wine Without Worry, Jameson Fink chats with Jason Wise, writer and director of the new documentary. For more details, check out Jameson’s blog.

“Robert Mondavi was born exactly 100 years ago, but the legend — and the business — surrounding his long life live on.” In the Drinks Business, Nicholas Faith “tracks the shifting fortunes of the man who did so much to shape the Californian wine industry.”

“Acidity is France. Minerality is Italy.” Bill Ward chats with Veneto-based winemaker, Stefano Inama.

“Virginia has set its sight’s on one day becoming the ‘wine capital’ of the Eastern United States.” Rupert Millar has the details.

In the Oregonian, Katherine Cole profiles “a few Oregon families [who] have created companies that integrate winemaking into a larger vision.”

“We’re drinking more rosé than ever before.” In Wine-Searcher, Rebecca Gibb has the details.

“All HoseMaster foolishness aside, consider joining. It’s worth the money, and it may just work.” The HoseMaster urges his readers to join the American Wine Consumer Coalition.

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