Daily Wine News: New Master Somms!

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The Court of Master Sommeliers has welcomed four new masters to its ranks! Huge congratulations to Christopher Bates (Hotel Fauchere, Milford, PA), Carlton McCoy (The Little Nell, Aspen, CO), Emily Pickral-Papach (Chappellet Winery, Napa, CA) and Christopher Tanghe (RN74, Seattle, WA). 

“Not so long ago, a sure-fire way of generating a heated argument between winemakers in Champagne (as in Chablis) was to talk about the virtues and pitfalls of making their best, purest wine in oak.” How things have changed. In The Drinks Business, Michael Edwards writes a fantastic piece about the use of oak in Champagne. 

“Accept your role, like Hemingway (without the looniness, hopefully). There are an almost infinite number of wine writers who wish they were in that position.” Jeff Siegel writes a letter to Robert Parker.   

“The social media definitions are a clarification that some in the industry think is overdue, but this does not mean it’s without its problems.” Sonoma News reports on the TTB’s new social media guidelines 

“Bambino Party is natural juice — apple, peach or raspberry — made sparkling… and sold in essentially the same packaging as Hubert’s regular lineup. It’s non-alcoholic. But it’s clearly designed as a gateway drug.” W. Blake Gray highlights a Slovakian winery that’s “teaching kids to drink.” 

“I’ll just say that I finished the tour amazed, as always, at the variety you can find in wines that seem on paper to be pretty much the same, but aren’t when you taste them.” FirstVine’s Tom Natan heads to the Languedoc and realizes the trip is “A Refresher Course in Why I Like Wine So Much.” 

“I like a sure thing, which is why I like Napa Valley Cabernet nowadays: it’s drop dead gorgeous and sexy from the get-go, and whether or not it will go 20 years is pretty much irrelevant.” Steve Heimoff offers some thoughts on the ageability of California wine. 

In the Wall Street Journal Europe, Will Lyons drinks with David Gower, the former captain of England’s cricket team.

Want to avoid kidney stones? Drink coffee and wine.

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