Daily Wine News: Declaring 2011

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In Wine-Searcher, Rebecca Gibb reports that “Robert Parker and The Wine Advocate have announced that American Monica Larner and Spaniard Luis Gutierrez have joined their reviewing team.” And in case you’re wondering, The Wine Advocate knows how to party.

From Wikipedia.

“Dosage adds to the beauty of the Champagne in the same way make-up can add to a woman’s beauty.” Elsewhere in Wine-Searcher, Caroline Henry chats with Bollinger’s Ghislain de Montgolfier.

“The very best sake in the US — the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried most of them — is maybe an 80-pointer. Whereas Japan has 95 pointers all over the place.” W. Blake Gray urges the Wine Spectator to review sake on the 100-point scale.

“They ask their friends and family; if their circle likes the wine, then it’s good enough to drink.” Jeff Siegel explains how Millennials are changing the wine business.

The Brunello consortium has filed a lawsuit against Gianfranco Soldera and expelled him from the organization.

In the Douro Valley, every top producer has declared the 2011 vintage.

Su Birch, the CEO of Wines of South Africa, has announced plans to leave the organization.

When it comes to by-the-glass sales, “high-end wine consumption… isn’t as robust as it was in the pre-downturn days,” but sales are rising. Shanken News Daily has the details.

“It is a great question, and sherry is an excellent test case. It is a complicated category, and the wines are not obvious crowd-pleasers.” Mike Steinberger joins Wine Specator’s Ben O’Donnell in wondering if regular people are starting to drink sherry.

Next Wednesday, to raise money for the New York victims of hurricane Sandy, 12 wholesalers in New York are teaming up to “each present their 50 best wines.” Buy your tickets here.


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