Daily Wine News: Best Ever

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“This is a cliché, but I have to say it: This year’s conference was the best ever.” Dave McIntyre celebrates this year’s Drink Local Wine conference. 

In two parts (OneTwo), Jeff Siegel looks “at where Texas wine has been, where it is, and where it’s going.”  

“I think we can safely conclude that the eight jurors really, really did not like Greenberg.” Mike Steinberger explains why “[William] Koch’s resounding victory against [Eric] Greenberg has proven that a jury can be persuaded to take [wine fraud] seriously, too, and that those caught selling counterfeit wines can face very harsh consequences.” 

“Saint-Joseph may be difficult to place, but it has a growing band of fans, especially among people who are looking for precisely made, terroir-oriented wines that are sold at a fair price.” In the International Herald Tribune, Eric Pfanner praises the northern Rhone region of Saint-Joseph. 

Elsewhere, Pfanner writes about Château Latour’s decision to skip En Primeur. 

“Spending a couple of hours watching the sun creep its way through the narrow alleys of Verona’s cobblestone streets is good for anyone’s soul.” Alder Yarrow writes about his final hours at VinItaly. 

In the Huffington Post, Adam Morganstern explains how Southern Wine & Spirits and Empire Merchants are trying to squeeze out their smaller competitors. 

The Chinese government’s “campaign against lavish spending” is hurting Bordeaux sales. 

“If anything, women sommeliers have really helped remove being so uptight about ordering wine.” John Mariani writes about the increasing number of female sommeliers. 

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague tours Portland’s wine scene. 

While in France, Eric Asimov had a delicious brunch at Miss Terroir.

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