Daily Wine News: 115,000 Miles

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Jill and Steve Matthiasson write about “the impact George [Vare] has had on our lives, how much he meant to us, and how much we already miss him.”

“He’s put more than 115,000 miles on his 2009 Nissan Xterra, traveling the back roads of wine country with a pick, shovel and other tools of the trade, looking for unusual geological and climatological combinations.” In the New York Times, Eric Asimov profiles Whitman College geology professor Kevin Pogue, who has a thriving side business as a “terroir finder.”

Paging Steve Heimoff. Check out Meg Houston Maker’s excellent article in Beverage Media Group. “Can social media really sell wine? Yes, and many stories prove it.”

“Showboating what’s in my glass just doesn’t make me a better taster – just a better bragger.” Alfonso Cevola writes a thoughtful post about tasting trophy wines – especially relevent in a day of #Instabrag.

“I promise you, I am approaching them with more appreciation, heightened sensitivity, and a much broader understanding of all that goes into making any wine before it is released.” Paul Gregutt contends that making wine has turned him into a better critic.

“Two little words are once again at issue in the Empire State: ‘At rest.’” In Wine Spectator, Robert Taylor writes about the effort in the New York legislature to require all New York wholesalers to store their wines within the state for at least 24 hours prior to delivery.

Last Friday, while traveling to DC from New York on Amtrak’s Acela, Paul Goldschmidt of Chateau Siaurac in Bordeaux held an impromptu wine tasting. On the train.

The Academic Wino highlights a new study that examined the physics behind a Champagne cork popping out of a bottle — and how temperature influences the pop. The point of this research? Who knows. But it was probably fun!

Joe Roberts endorses Shelby Vittek. And drinks some delicious wines!

Ever wonder if the “vibrations of a tuning fork improve a cocktail?” Me neither. But the video is worth watching.

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  1. David, many thanks for listing my article on best social media strategies for wine marketing. I did indeed gather far more examples than could be squeezed into 1,300 words, and am gathering more from readers now that the piece is live. I hope some will elect to share their experiences in the comments. Stories matter.

  2. Thank you for including my post! :)