Daily Wine News: Fresh & Restrained

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“I’m thrilled to say that a few of these wines, in very small numbers, are now making their way to the United States.” Eric Asimov discovers some Australian reds that are “fresh, restrained and even savory with, yes, finesse and moderate levels of alcohol.”

Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka writes a brief-but-fantastic history of California’s experimentation with skin-fermented whites.

In Oregon, according to Dave McIntyre, an increasing number of winemakers are embracing “nuance and subtlety over flash and brawn.”

Some scary news out of France. According to a new study, pesticide residues are found in a whopping 90 percent of wines. 

“If you don’t get it, say so. Not everything about fine wine is obvious or even that clear.” Matt Kramer praises connoisseurship.

“More and more of the wines on store shelves will be imports as the U.S. wine market continues to expand and evolve.” Mike Veseth explains why imports will account for nearly half of the U.S. wine market by 2025.

Steve Heimoff shares his introduction of Merry Edwards at her induction into the Vintners Hall of Fame.

According to some reports, Champagne sales were down in the United States last year. Since those reports likely came from sales data provided by Big Houses, Tyler Colman wonders if Grower Champagne helps explain the numbers. 

In Sacramento, Total Wine and BevMo are fighting for supremacy

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