Daily Wine News: Ringing Clarity

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Two Shepherds Debut Vintage.

“With wine, we sometimes overlook a mountain of potential pleasures for the peak experience.” In the New York Times, Eric Asimov highlights the simple-yet-satisfying dolcetto wines of the Langhe.

“To me, William was the scrappy, underdog garagiste, a part-timer trying to get traction. I didn’t expect serious wines. But these are serious wines. They have great finesse and gravity, plus a kind of ringing clarity.” Meg Houston Maker writes glowingly of William Allen’s Two Shepherds Vineyards.

“What you’d drink, chilled with blocks of ice purchased from the ice man, would be a lean, light, refreshing Madeira.” W. Blake Gray visits Baltimore – circa 1893 — to explain “why rainwater Madeira mostly disappeared from the market.” It was replaced by Pinot Grigio.

“As all hipsters know, Muscadet can age well.” In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague writes about the proliferation of “hipster” wine lists in Brooklyn.

Jamie Goode makes “some predictions for the wine world in 2013.”

“Like simultaneous orgasm or a tenor who looks and sounds good, it’s infrequent at best.” Tom Natan praises Brooklynguy for hoping that in 2013, we’ll see the end to “the idea that there is a ‘perfect’ wine and food pairing.”

Levi Dalton shares some thoughts on how to make orange wine more popular.

On the blog for J.J. Buckley, Chuck Hayward profiles Iron Horse Vineyards.

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