Daily Wine News: Orange Fad Fades

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 01-17-2013

Flickr, Damian Liszatynski.

“It is often asserted that there was more good wine to drink now than ever before. Vastly more wine is made than ever, and certainly, more competently, but there is still a growing reservoir of homogeneity, of mass-produced mediocrity to fill the many miles of supermarket shelves.” On the blog for Les Caves de Pyrene, a thoughtful exploration of natural wine. (H/T: Jason Lett.)

Jon Bonné wonders if the orange wine fad is in its final days.

“Certain words in the lexicon of wine are prisoners of their own connotations.” Eric Asimov attempts to “liberate” five wine descriptors.

In Wine-Searcher, Rebecca Gibb reports that in Piedmont, Angelo Gaja is warning of a coming Italian wine shortage.

Elsewhere in Wine-Searcher, Jane Anson chats with Denis Dubourdieu.

“People aren’t buying a bottle [of vinegar] a week. They make one last six to 12 months. But people can drink a bottle of wine every month.” In the Washington Post, Dave McIntyre profiles Susan Lewis and Claudia Nami of Dragonly Farms.

In American Banker, Chris Cumming profiles Rob McMillan of Silicon Valley Bank.

In the basement of his Wellesley, Massachusetts home, North­eastern University pro­fessor Ennio Min­golla is hard at work making 200 ​​gallons of wine. In News @ Northeastern, Angela Herring writes a great profile of the psychology professor.

Bay Area Bites interviews Shelley Lindgren, “owner of the vastly popular A16 and SPQR restaurants, sommelier, wine director and cookbook author.”


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