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“This wine speaks with such a wild, distinctive and beautiful accent that you can’t help but ask who are you, and where are you from? THIS is what’s happening in California wine.” In Serious Eats, Stevie Stacionis profiles Matt Rorick, the “hipster cowboy” behind Forlorn Hope, and explains why Rorick is just one of several revolutionaries in California’s exciting wine scene.

Mike Steinberger comments on the latest issue of the Wine Advocate.

On the blog for J.J. Buckley, Chuck Hayward writes a great piece about Peter Palmer and PinotFest.

In New York Cork Report, the “mystery man” behind the much-anticipated Boundary Breaks Winery reveals his plans.

Tasting Panel profiles William Allen of Two Shepherds.

“I don’t feel particularly sorry for people who have been living in idyllic, isolated splendor in these pristine patches of wine country and who tremble with rage every time they hear a car drive past.” Steve Heimoff thinks wineries should be allowed to host special events like weddings and fundraisers on their property.

In Second Wave, a magazine out of southwest Michigan, Zinta Aistars profiles local businesswoman Christine Skandis, who launched a wine importing company to help keep alive some unusual Italian grapes. Check it out!

The Associated Press reports: “A judge has ruled that New York City private school had a right to fire a teacher because she let students drink wine during a trip to France.” Gawker comments.

Burgundy had a small harvest in 2011 and an even tinier one in 2012. And demand is increasing from Asia. So analysts are expecting to see an acceleration in “people drinking Burgundy younger.”

Jeff Siegel revisits his original $10 hall of fame.

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  1. People who drink burgundy young are just the worst type of people. Might as well eat frozen brie.