Daily Wine News: Bidding Farewell

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 01-14-2013

Pinotage at Odette Estate in Napa.

“I admit to approaching the tasting with some trepidation. Would I finally find some wines to admire — or just more to despise?” Lettie Teague gives Pinotage a chance.

Talia Baiocchi bids farewell to Eater.

“Though Big Wine isn’t as top-heavy as Big Beer, it may be headed that way.” Jeff Siegel comments on the recent study from Philip Howard of Michigan State University on concentration in the wine industry.

Jon Bonné details his “five themes to watch in 2013.”

“As if consumers are really going to pick up on that distinction.” Dave McIntyre comments on the Champagne Bureau’s reaction to the news that Korbel will be featured at the President Obama’s inaugural luncheon. Meanwhile, Tom Wark is amused by the whole thing.

After tasting some wines from California, Will Lyons is reminded of the fact that “when it comes to wine tasting, keeping an open mind is as important as evading the common cold.”

Panos Kakaviatos organizes a blind tasting of Chardonnay. The winner? Surprisingly, a wine from Linden Vineyards in Virginia.

In Bordeaux, growers on the right bank are excited about the 2012 vintage.

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