Daily Wine News: RIP Krug?

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The oak casks at Soldera.

Some terrible news in Italy. On Sunday evening, vandals broke into Case Basse di Gianfranco Soldera and opened the taps of all its large oak casks, completely destroying five vintages (2007-2012) of Soldera, one of the world’s most acclaimed Brunellos.

According to Alice Feiring, “LVMH killed off Krug.” (If anyone from LMVH reads Terroirist, please let us know your thoughts in the comments!)

“As I struggled to whittle down this year’s Top 100 down to just 100 wines, I couldn’t help but conclude that now is the best time in many years to be drinking American wine.” Jon Bonné releases his Top 100 list. The list is divided as follows: Cabernet and MerlotPinot NoirRhone-style redsZinfandel and other redsChardonnayRoséSauvignon Blanc and other whitesSparkling.

In New Jersey, a liquor license can cost as much as $755,000. Lettie Teague writes a fascinating column about the Pig & Prince, a new restaurant in downtown Montclair.

Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board is even worse than we thought. Last year, according to the Tribune-Review, the agency “spent nearly a half-million dollars… to promote five of its own private-label brands.” Count me as one of those government watchdogs who thinks it’s grossly improper for a government agency (which shouldn’t even exist!) to “market its own items to compete with the private entities whose products it is charged with regulating and selling.”

Add Alder Yarrow to the list who thoroughly enjoyed Wine Grapes: A Complete Guide to 1,368 Vine Varieties, Including Their Origins and Flavours.

“Keep the 100-point scale, but ditch it for wines 25 years old or more.” In Palate Press, Evan Dawson proposes a compromise that “should begin to satisfy” those who love and loathe the 100-point scale.

The WSJ’s Road Warrior blog catches up with Anthony Davie, Treasury Wine Estates’s managing director for Asia.

In New York, “state health advisers to Gov. Cuomo will approve a plan later this week pushing for an increase on ‘sin’ taxes on booze, limiting the numbers of new bars and liquor stores, and restricting the hours of gin joints.” Ugh.

“We need to sit France down and let it know that it’s not only harming itself, it’s harming all the people who love it.” Alder Yarrow is terrified of the French Wine Cliff!

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  1. Terrible news about the Italian wine maker. Another reminder that so much of what we did is held together by a thread.

  2. That’s really ridiculous about the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. You’re absolutely right that it shouldn’t even exist. What corruption – a government agency, which was theoretically created to protect the public – abusing its position for its own profit. Shameful, if not entirely surprising.