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“Focusing on Parker’s influence and the growth of American wine culture got me thinking about the comparative lack of influence he’s had on me and what that says about the current generation’s changed perspective on wine.” Talia Baiocchi reflects on Robert Parker’s (lack of) influence on today’s young wine consumers.

In Wine Review Online, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger makes an ass of himself. Kudos to W. Blake Gray for writing this piece.

K&L Wine Merchants names Jim Rutledge “the best, most passionate, friendliest, most talented, amazing, inspiring person in the booze business is for 2012.”

From Jeff Siegel, “the first of two parts looking at consolidation in the wine business and the rise of the giant producer — a smattering of which dominate the U.S. wine business.” Check it out!

On the blog for JJ Buckley, Chuck Hayward “looks at the recent debate surrounding the optimal glasses and decanters for bubbly.”

In Wine-Searcher, Rose Hoare chats with Corinne Mentzelopoulos, the owner of Château Margaux.

Elsewhere in Wine-Searcher, Maureen Downey suggests ways to avoid becoming the victim of wine fraud.

2012 should be a great vintage for German eiswein!

From the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Michelle Minton, How the Mandatory Three-Tier Distribution System Inhibits Competition. (H/T: Tom Wark.)

Business Insider reports: “Lot18, The Troubled Wine Startup, Has A New CEO.”

Will Lyons finds the perfect pairing… for cigars.

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  1. Actually, I’m not a fan of Blake Gray’s writing. He sometimes comes off as way to snarky and self-congratulatory, so I was amused that he felt that he “had” to divulge the conversation with Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger. Yeah, he got the clicks he needed to keep the column. I’ve seen this so much in the press corps in DC its nauseating by now…the oh so self important need to “inform” the people, please. I really didnt think the comments were too terrible. Heck, I’ve probably said worse a time or three.

  2. Great article by Talia Baiocchi. “We started to grow out of Robert Parker. Thing is, I never grew with him.” Me neither.