Daily Wine News: American Terroirist

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The large oak casks at Soldera.

Eric Asimov has more details on the heartbreaking destruction of the last six vintages of Case Basse di Soldera.

“These distinctions existed before he came to them, but Lynch’s attention to their subtleties, and his ability to convey these in his now-famous newsletters, allowed thousands of wine lovers to grasp this grand and elusive concept, terroir.” In ZesterDaily, Patrick Comiskey praises Kermit Lynch, “one of the first great American terroirists.”

Paul Lukacs, author of the new book, Inventing Wine: A New History of One of the World’s Most Ancient Pleasures, sits down with Terry Gross of NPR’s Fresh Air.

W. Blake Gray shares some hilarious anecdotes from Rent-a-Sommie Peter Palmer.

“Natural wine? Who could possibly object? But according to some experts, the unregulated use of the term ‘natural’ is misleading gullible consumers as well as polarizing the wine trade.” The AFP covers the debate over natural wine.

“The trick is to think China first, wine second.” Don St. Pierre Jr., co-founder of Chinese wine-importing giant ASC Fine Wines, chats with Wine Spectator about the future of China’s market.

Steve Heimoff explains how he learned to taste wine from Michael Broadbent.

Matt Kramer breaks some “Wine Myths That Need Shattering.”

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