Congratulations to Kathleen Inman!

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Kathleen Inman. Courtesy of Inman Family Wines.

Every wine enthusiast can rattle off a handful of winemakers with whom they feel a personal connection.

For some, it’s that winemaker who took time, after a tasting, to provide a behind-the-scenes tour and offer some barrel samples. For others, it’s that winemaker who sends a personal thank you every time an order is placed.

One of the winemakers on my list is Kathleen Inman, the owner and winemaker at Inman Family Wines.

Two years ago, my brother and I took our mom out to the Bay Area for her 60th birthday. We spent three days in Sonoma and Napa, and our visit with Kathleen was the highlight of our trip.

She was personable, engaging, and kind. My mom was (and still is) a novice wine drinker, and Kathleen took the time to walk my mom through her winery, explain how she got into wine, and even explain the winemaking process.

Plus, Kathleen’s wines are delicious. So when I learned that Kathleen just wrapped up her 10th harvest, I had to congratulate her!

If you haven’t tasted Kathleen’s wines, check them out. She pursues a decidedly non-interventionist style of winemaking and is known for harvesting fruit weeks before many of her neighbors, relying almost entirely on naturally occurring yeasts, and refusing to add water, acid, or enzymes to her wine.

And if you want to learn more about Kathleen, check out our interview with her from last February.

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