Daily Wine News: Pleasure & Confidence

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Jordan Winery.

“The whole conference had a seriousness that, I’m sorry to say, isn’t really associated with blogger get-togethers in the US.” W. Blake Grayreviews the 2012 European Wine Bloggers’ Conference.

Elsewhere, Gray explains why he loves Jordan Winery. “I’ll order and drink it with pleasure. And confidence.” I agree!

From WineSpecator.com, a 2012 vintage report from across the United States.

GrapeRadio chats with Ken Forrester – who talks about the history and deliciousness of Chenin Blanc in South Africa.

Allon Schoener — the father of Abe Schoener of Scholium Wines – writes a fantastic essay on the history of Brooklyn’s waterfront, the “spirit and fruits of Brooklyn’s artisanal” shops, and Red Hook Winery.

Dave McIntyre explains how Virginia wine ended up in the Smithsonian.

Dr. Vino loves the latest releases from Lapierre and Coudert.

Fredric Koeppel tastes through a number of Randall Grahm’s wines.

Drones are, indeed, being used outside Afghanistan. They’re helping the wine industry.

Laura Ness writes about the “rare opportunity to sit at the feet of the colorful and often controversial, Josh Jensen of Calera.”


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