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Joe Roberts gives his readers “the scoop on Millennial wine habits” by turning his blog over to his intern, Shelby Vittek.

Maggie Hoffman writes “The Serious Eats Guide to Cru Beaujolais.”

“Unlike Pinot, Zin’s movement toward restraint cannot be packaged neatly under 14 percent alcohol, and that’s why Zinfandel — despite the number of restrained wines being made today — has found itself ostracized, to a certain degree, from California’s balance movement.” On WineSpectator.com, Talia Baiocchi explains why we can’t apply “Pinot’s model to every grape” in California’s pursuit of balance.

The Daily Sip sits down with Jean Case of Early Mountain Vineyards to chat about Virginia wine.

“Sometimes it seems the world of wine is riddled with more lazy stereotyping than any other: German wine is always sweet, rosé is for girlies, all wines improve with age, and so on. Perhaps one of the biggest lies is that all Australian Chardonnay is overripe, overoaked and over here.” So proclaims Tom Cannavan in the Financial Times.

It seems, especially in light of global climate change, and the incidence of new disease pressures on vines, that creating a rich, diverse planting stock for one’s unique vineyard would be both a reasonable strategy for true sustainability as well as a wonderful gift to give to the future.” Randall Grahm shares his remarks to the European Wine Bloggers Conference.

Tyler Colman shares an email from a former Wine Advocate subscriber, who is infuriated that Robert Parker decided to taste and score the wines from Jorge Ordoñez, rather than Spanish wine critic Neil Martin.

Wine Enthusiast names its 2012 Wine Star Award Winners.

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