Daily Wine News: Pagani Ranch

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 11-28-2012

Paul Draper. From Ridge Wine.

“The decisions they make today at Ridge are all aimed towards turning these first 50 years of the company’s success into the next 50.” Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka writes a wonderful profile of Paul Draper and Ridge Vineyards.

Thanks to Bedrock Wines, James Beard Award winning author David Darlington has written a profile of Dino Amantite, who has cared for his family’s vineyard, Pagani Ranch, since he was a child.

“Don’t rule out white wines with your cold-weather fare. Instead, look for weightier examples with the heft to match the season’s cuisine. In other words, think Alsace.” Some good advice from Dave McIntyre.

The HoseMaster (almost) takes a break from comedy to pen a thoughtful piece about wine writing.

“[Jefford] doesn’t really believe the wine writer is dead. If he did, he wouldn’t have devoted most of his talk to cogent advice about how his audience of aspiring writers could develop both livelihood and following.” Mike Dunne comments on Andrew Jefford’s recent speech to the European Wine Bloggers’ Conference.

On Palate Press, Meg Houston Maker details the “Best Wines for Comfort Food.”

“An emphasis on distinctive terroir is just what Chile… needs to attract wine enthusiast consumers and clearly differentiate [itself] from the bulk wine pack.” Mike Veseth wonders if Chile can break out of the “value wine’ trap.

Bill Foley has acquired yet another vineyard and winery.

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