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Food & Wine names its top winemakers of 2012, and anoints Steve Matthiasson the “winemaker of the year.” (If you haven’t tasted Steve’s wines yet, do yourself a favor and get on his list!)

Some sad news from France: wine production “may slump 20 percent this year to the lowest in at least 40 years after unfavorable weather and disease damaged vines and grapes.”

“Among new and old wineries alike, there is now a sense of Oregon-ness, a newfound fidelity to place that trumps the allure of ripeness or flash.” In the San Francisco Chronicle, Patrick Comiskey writes a wonderful piece on Oregon’s successful “quest for wine identity.”

Elsewhere in the Chronicle, Jon Bonné writes about “the more esoteric roster of homegrown whites… [which are] more important – and impressive – than ever.”

“Wow, W. Blake Gray and Alder Yarrow. Amazing. I had no idea they even knew who I was. Quite an honor. I mean, I’m in the Vintners Hall of Fame, but they’ve won Wine Blog Awards!” The HoseMaster ghostwrites “Robert Parker’s Vintners Hall of Fame Speech.”

“Everybody wants to be a sommelier these days, and yet Chris Meeske and George Cossette are two high-flying somms who left at the top of their game to open neighborhood wine shops.” In the Los Angeles Times, S. Irene Virbila checks in with the somms to see how it’s going.

The owner of Legend Cellars, which bills itself as Orange County’s premier wine storage facility, “has been charged with stealing nearly $3 million in vintage wines from clients’ storage lockers.”

Dr. Vino tastes Pinotage in South Africa.

Lettie Teague is “happy to report that a Jersey City wine renaissance appears to be well under way.”

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  1. Hey David,
    In a lovely little piece of coincidence, it was my partner Bill Drewry and I who started the wine shop now owned by Chris Meeske, an old friend of mine, in South Pasadena, mentioned in the LA Times article above. I used to write HoseMaster-style newsletters. Scary.

    Thanks for the plug! Try to do it more often.

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