Daily Wine News: Second Flight

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“These graceful, elegant wines captivate both sensually — their polished textures feel so good in the mouth that you are drawn irresistibly to the next sip — and intellectually, by almost demanding your attention as you seek out each elusive nuance.” In the New York Times, Eric Asimov explains why he’s so pleased the gran reserva style of Rioja is surviving.

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Bonné writes an update on this year’s harvest in California.

“Small producers such as these — and many who are far more conventional in their winemaking — are the ones showing us the way to a greater wine goodness. They reveal to us new winegrowing locales or the particularities of tiny vineyard sites that have something to say.” In his latest WineSpectator.com column, Matt Kramer profiles Clos Saron.

“When I reached the director of the Saint-Emilion Wine Council Franck Binard by phone, he was breathing a sigh of relief. He’s convinced the new process will withstand legal challenges.” In Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Elin McCoy writes the best piece yet on the reclassification of Saint-Emilion.

In the Washington Post, Edward Cody reports on the push by U.S. trade negotiators for the European Union to drop its current ban on the import of American wines bearing the word “chateau.” W. Blake Gray isn’t pleased.

“Obviously ‘on the skins’ here takes on a whole new meaning.” Alice Feiring writes about the process of using animal skins as fermentation vessels.

Tom Lee reports that Screaming Eagle is finally offering its much anticipated “second” label. Kyle Schlachter is appalled because the winery once claimed to pour its sub-par wine “down the drain” and a former co-owner once revealed that Merlot “doesn’t perform very well in our vineyard.” (The new wine is a Merlot-heavy blend.) I’m not.

Wine competitions are boring affairs. That’s why Tom Wark thinks they should award “a few million dollars in prize money.”

Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka writes about International Grenache Day, during which she sampled a number of California examples.

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  1. I wouldn’t say I’m appalled. Just a bit suspect about the true motivation for and quality of the wine. I actually think it would be quite excellent and more power to them if they can maximize their profit. It actually will end up being a great deal because the price is only going to rise…