Daily Wine News: Better Off

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11 vintages of Chateau Figeac.

“If the authorities wanted to do something bold, they could have promoted the excellent Chateau Figeac.” So contends Dr. Vino in a commentary on the reclassification of St. Emilion. (As regular readers may remember, I wrote about an 11-vintage vertical of Château Figeac back in February.)

Paul Gregutt asks the question that not enough political pundits have posed: Are your wines better off today than they were four years ago?

“What do Americans want? Cheap wine, of course.

Serious Eats details five Hudson Valley wines to check out this fall.

“Coursen grew up on a dairy farm and tended various crops before tiring of milk and leaving the roost. In 1968, he was drafted into the Army and spent two years in Vietnam.” In the Napa Valley Register, a nice piece on Ray Coursen, the co-owner and founder of Elyse Winery, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Is Colorado wine (or any other “local wine”) really too expensive? Kyle Schlachter explores the question.

“You can’t simply go by the grape. You are better off going by the place and who makes it. It’s a question of style more than grape variety.” In the Montreal Gazette, a great essay on tasting wine to figure out what you like.

Richard Jennings visits the San Francisco tasting put on by the Family Winemakers of California.

Isaac James Baker tastes “The Crazy White Blends of Compagni Portis.”

Over at Drink What You Like, Frank Morgan writes a great piece on his recent visit to Oregon.

Dave McIntyre returns to blogging, with a strong endorsement of the Markowitsch Carnumtum Cuvee 2011, an Austrian blend of Zweigelt (80%), Pinot Noir, and Blaufrankisch (10% each) imported by Peter Weygandt.

Some big news from Disney World: For the first time ever, the Magic Kingdom will serve beer and wine.

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