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“In recent years brands like MommyJuice, Mommy’s Time Out and Mad Housewife have emerged. Popular Facebook groups allude jokingly to being driven to drink, including “Moms Who Need Wine,” which has more than 640,000 followers.” The reason? As the New York Times reports, wineries have started to market their products to women. Aren’t some of these labels offensive?

Some producers in Provence are warning their colleagues that if they bottle their rosé too early, their wines “could suffer the same fate as Beaujolais Nouveau.”

From Kyle Schlachter at ColoradoWinePress, a wonderful post on the importance of blind tasting.

“Macau casino executive Louis Ng is getting a crash course in international relations as he tries to calm the French storm that followed news he had purchased a vineyard in the hallowed wine region of Burgundy.” In the Wall Street Journal, Jason Chow writes about the provincialism of the French.

In SF Weekly, Jesse Hirsch profiles Maureen Downey and her efforts to spot counterfeit wines.

With California’s harvest now underway, W. Blake Gray chatted Quivira winemaker Hugh Chappelle about how the vintage is looking.

Ever assume that people who drink more exercise less? You’d be wrong. According to a researchers at the University of Miami who analyzed the exercise and drinking habits of 230,000 Americans, heavy drinkers exercise more.

The most-sought after invitation of the Republican National Convention? The lavish party hosted by the Distilled Spirits Councils of the United States.

What the Heck is Residual Sugar?” It seemed so obvious, until I read Erika Szymanski’s in-depth piece in Palate Press.

At Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s upcoming wedding, they’ll be serving a rosé called “Pink Floyd,” produced at their French wine country estate.

In Brooklyn, it’s all about the figs.

In Table Matters, Jason Wilson explains “why older doesn’t always mean better when it comes to whiskey.” (H/T: Eric Asimov.)

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