Daily Wine News: Aged Burgundy

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In the Purely Domestic Wine Report (the new publication from Doug Wilder), an excellent piece on  old-vine vineyards in Sonoma County and the Historic Vineyard Society.

On the blog for Maison Ilan, a great post from Ray Walker on the rewards of cellaring Burgundy.

From Cloudwine, a fascinating series of short interviews with Jean-Louis Chave. (H/T: Eric Asimov.)

Looking for a history lesson on one of the most influential men in wine? Wine Spectator published an article about the “Prince of Vines” in Bordeaux. It’s a great read!

The debate over alcohol levels continues. Check out W. Blake Gray’s take on the “balance backlash.” Where do you weigh in?

In the Wall Street Journal Europe, Will Lyons profiles filmmaker Jonathan Nossiter, who just released “Mondovino: The Series,,” an extended version of the original documentary.

It’s rosé season and if you’re searching for an interesting bottle, there’s a nice review here. Take their advice and try the Arnot Roberts rosé. It’s stunning.

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague highlights two New York restaurants that have “put together [wine] lists that aren’t encyclopedic and yet still manage to offer plenty of interesting choices that match the menu as well.”

Over on 1WineDude, an interesting piece on the wines of Beechworth, “which represents a side of Ozzie wine that few Americans ever get to see.”

The Associated Press tackles the challenge of “trail-ready” wine options.

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  1. Bro – really appreciate the mentions, thanks!

  2. i’m getting tired of the arguments of alcohol levels, espesically as they relate to “balance” in a wine. Things like sugar and acidity have much more to do with balance than alcohol levels, and are the real reason grapes were left on the vine for an extra week. higher alcohol levels are just a side-effect. while i appreciate the change in style, i disagree with using percent alcohol as a number to define that style. oh jeez, i sound like such an annoying wine snob right now. oh well, if i walk like a duck and talk like a duck…

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