Daily Wine News: Napa Terroir

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According to Talia Baiocchi, one would be “hard-pressed to find a better argument for the existence of true terroir in the Napa Valley” than Diamond Creek.

Courtesy of Diamond Creek Vineyards.

In Forbes, Larry Olmsted profiles Revel Custom Wine Cellars, which manufactures “the Bentley of wine cellars.” Clients include Richard Branson, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and former Amway CEO Dick DeVos.

In California, there’s a serious vine shortage. “[This] could slow production at a time when growers are getting top dollar for their grapes.”

“I think sommeliers are rock stars. They taste a lot of wines, from all parts of the world, in search of those that provide extra value for the buck, much like I do as a wine columnist, but they do so in a high-stakes environment with the success of their restaurants and their livelihoods on the line.” Dave McIntyre, in the Washington Post.

In Pennsylvania, a bill that would legalize winery-to-consumer shipping passed a big hurdle Thursday when it passed the state’s Senate. Unfortunately, the measure is expected to face a tougher battle in the house.

After reading a New York magazine article about young foodies, Dr. Vino wonders when he’ll see a similar piece on young wine geeks. “I can’t wait for the NY mag article profiling a budding wino, posting pics of Jura labels to Instagram.” Me neither!

In New York Cork Report, Bryan Calandrelli writes about a recent a blind tasting of Pinot Noir, featuring wines from New Zealand, Russian River Valley, and Burgundy – served alongside wines from Niagara Ontario and New York.

At ProWein, Germany’s largest wine exhibition, Alder Yarrow explores “a few lessons in obscurity” by sampling wines from Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Slovenia, Romania, Moldova, China, and Luxembourg.

In Alabama, the state’s 13 wineries are pushing for an exemption from the three-tier system so they can self-distribute their wine to restaurants and retailers. But, as Jeff Siegel reports, they’re facing stiff opposition from the state’s beer distributors.

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