Daily Wine News: Who, Me?

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Alder Yarrow pens the best piece I’ve read on the importance of social media in a long, long time. 

Kyle Schlachter of Colorado Wine Press declares that I’m one of the “five most important social media personalities… to whom Colorado wineries should be listening.” Wow! Thanks!

W. Blake Gray reports on the news that “the Obama administration is considering eliminating the TTB.” The comments are fascinating.

Tyler Colman highlights the latest findings from the U.S. Wine Market Council.

Jon Bonné returns to the Zinfandel Advocates & Producers Festival in San Francisco, and concludes that there’s still “a culture war over Zin, between serious wine types who believe in its deeper, soulful qualities; and populists who love it for not being highbrow.” (Yes, this is what he wrote last year in a column about Zinfandel.) In case you’re curious, Bonné concluded that “the wines from Morgan Twain-Peterson’s Bedrock and Mike Officer’s Carlisle were en fuego.”

In his latest column, Ed McCarthy urges consumers to seek out “moderately priced” Bordeaux, because it’s “one of the last wine regions where you can still find elegant, balanced red wines.”

Remy Charest declares war (sort of) on Valentine’s Day! “Personally, I think dry red wine and chocolate is, generally speaking, one of the worst possible food and wine matches.” (H/T: Eric Asimov. Note to readers: Charest is correct.)

Rick Backas details “three good reasons to drink Colorado wines.

Ever been to the Nava Valley? It’s in China. And it’s one reason why the Napa Valley Vintners fight for truth-in-wine-labeling laws around the world.

Tablas Creek, the iconic winery in Paso Robles, has purchased the vineyard that abuts its property.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has proposed “amendments to national regulations governing the production of Icewine.”

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  1. Wow. Two Colorado references in today’s Daily Wine News! Cheers, David!

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