Daily Wine News: Sommeliers!

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“The wine culture of each major city in the U.S. is constantly evolving as wine becomes an ineradicable feature of dining out.” In her latest Eater column, Talia Baciocchi explores the wine scene in four cities by chatting with Miami’s Eric Larkee of The Genuine Hospitality Group; San Francisco’s Paul Einbund, the consulting wine director at Frances; Chicago’s Master Sommelier Alpana Singh; and New York City’s Pascaline Lepeltier of Rouge Tomate.

Meanwhile, over at Forbes.com, Sarah White checks in with three sommeliers to compile a list of “nine wines to add to your collection now.”

“In a small corner of Austria, they have only just finished picking the 2011 harvest.” Never mind the fact that it’s 2012! In the Wall Street Journal Europe, Will Lyons writes a great piece on the wines of Austria.

In the Montreal Gazette, Bill Zacharkiw urges consumers to give “a second look” to Carignan and Aligoté. I agree!

On his blog, Dave McIntyre covers Virginia’s Governor’s Cup – and profiles the winery that took top honors, Glen Manor Vineyards.

Château Margaux is experimenting with screwcaps. Sort of, as Jamie Goode explains.

If you have $925,000 and are looking for a super cool retreat in Healdsburg, check this place out!

Beginning in July, French motorists will be required — by law — to carry a breathalyzer kit to make sure they’re able to drive. This story is just starting to get picked up, and it worries me, as I fear it could gain steam — and put us on a slippery slope to ignition interlocks. What do you think?


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  1. Required to carry it but not use it? I’ve seen the single-use ones at a lot of restaurants (and also wine shows) in France. I tried two in a row and got two different responses: the first one looked as if I would be OK to drive, but not the second one, and they were only a minute apart.

    Obviously, people need to take responsibility for driving sober. It just doesn’t seem like this would work. And while I don’t know that it’s a first step to interlocks, it doesn’t seem well thought-out.

    btw, the AA guy’s statement was totally off — the reading rising for 40 minutes isn’t because “it takes time for alcohol to go down into your stomach and be taken into the bloodstream.” It’s in your stomach when you drink it, and you’re actually better off with it there where it can be somewhat metabolized before going into the bloodstream. He needs to do a little reading before speaking.