Reminder: Kendall Jackson CEO on Undercover Boss this Sunday

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Our Kendall Jackson supplies for the viewing

I’ve admittedly never watched the show myself, but I’m eager to check out Undercover Boss for the first time this Sunday, January 29. It airs at 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central on CBS and will feature Kendall Jackson CEO, Rick Tigner.

Rick poses as a grocery store manager from Texas, who is contemplating a career move into the wine industry. He’s in the dirt counting clusters, in a truck delivering wine, on the floor in the tasting room, and on the assembly line. I’m curious to watch and see a close-up (and always entertaining reality-show edited) view of what it’s like to actually do the front-line labor of working for a wine company. It’ll also be entertaining to watch Rick, who amusingly has a handlebar mustache for the episode, get his hands dirty and witness what actually goes on.

While lately there isn’t a shortage of wine personalities on TV (anyone see Ben the Bachelor on Ellen recently?), Undercover Boss will offer an interesting, unique perspective. If you’re watching this Sunday and want to join/follow the conversation on Twitter, the hashtag is #KJUCB.

Grab a glass of Chardonnay and join us :)

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  1. I was very impressed with Mr. Tigner’s giving back to the company senior employee. Mr. Tigner’s ability to connect at a personal level with (didn’t catch her name) the wine tasting room lady with three kids. It’s was wonderful for a high executive to show the human side of him. His generosity and kindness brought tears to my eyes.
    Mr. Tigner, I was born and raised in Baja California, Mexico. I’ll be happy to teach you Spanish anytime.
    I pray for your wife to have a healthy life.
    God bless bosses like you!
    Salud!!! Rosalva