Daily Wine News: Dumbstruck

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 01-30-2012

Chenin Blanc grapes in the Loire.

For months, the 2010 vintage in Germany has left Jon Bonné “dumbstruck.” As he explains in the San Francisco Chronicle, “the wines can be electrifying one moment, wan the next. They never taste the same twice. The only conclusion: It was a bizarro year, unlike any other in recent memory.”

In his latest column, Jay McInerney pays homage to Chenin Blanc, which “reaches its greatest heights in the Loire Valley.”

Dr. Vino and Wine Spectator writes about the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup.

Alder Yarrow writes a wonderful post on one of the best wineries in California, Peay Vineyards.

The Press-Democrat reports: In Sonoma County, “growing unease about a wave of vineyard projects that call for clear-cutting forested hillsides” has motivated the county’s agricultural commissioner, Tony Linegar, to propose “a four-month moratorium on vineyard projects that would remove trees from ridge tops or slopes greater than 15 percent.”

In the Wall Street Journal, Frances Dinkelspiel writes about a party at the World Economic Forum that focused on California wines made before 2000.

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  1. Proper land use planning is an important part of sustainability for vineyards, so I’m glad to see that Sonoma took steps to make sure that everyone starts thinking about it. All interested parties can now have input into the new regulations due in April, and the moratorium will get people thinking about better policies. Personally, I think the county’s moratorium represents a good minimum starting point.