Daily Wine News: Cycle Manipulation

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From the Associated Press, a fascinating piece on the efforts of CSU Fresno viticulture professor Sanliang Gu, who has been attempting to “manipulate the growing cycle of grapes around Fresno” for the past dozen years. “This week he succeeded: the 2011 vintage that normally would have been picked in July or August came off the vines two days before Thanksgiving… In an industry where ‘hang time’ is cherished for adding complexities to flavors, the implications are profound.”

In the Vancouver Sun, a wonderful profile of wine writer Natalie MacLean.

“To boost the wine sector’s competitiveness by reducing production costs,” the European Commission is considering an amendment that would remove virtually all restrictions on planting vines across the European Union. If the amendment passes, Bordeaux could increase in size by 85 percent; Burgundy could double; and Rioja could be six times larger!

Mike Steinberger believes that Pamela Anderson should launch her own line of wines.

On the Washington Post’s All We Can Eat blog, Dave McIntyre highlights Gordon W. Murchie, who was recently honored by the American Wine Society “for his work promoting advances in viticulture along the East Coast.”

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague gets together with Michael Graves, the famed architect and designer.

Over at VinoManiac.TV, a wonderful video on South Africa’s Swartland Revolution. (H/T: Jamie Goode.)

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  1. A friend sent me an interesting article in Bloomberg about chinese loans for investment in Bordeaux classified growths, lol.