Daily Wine News: Free My Drink!

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Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Foundation launches a new effort – Free My Drink – which aims to end state-controlled liquor sales. Its “top 13 reasons to get government out of the booze biz” is fantastic.

W. Blake Gray is “shocked” by Wine & Spirits’ decision to exclude Bordeaux wineries – all of them! – from its list of the Top 100 wineries in the world.

On the Washington Post’s All We Can Eat blog, Dave McIntyre chats with Miguel Roquette, marketing director for Quinta do Crasto winery.

Dr. Vino checks out Pax Mahle’s enormous eggs!

Joe Roberts takes issue with Tom Wark’s recent claim that “we are living in the Golden Age of Wine Writing and the Golden Age of Wine Writing Talent,” and praises Gerald Asher’s A Vineyard In My Glass.

In a fantastic post, Tom Wark explains why interstate retailer-to-consumer shipping is so important. “[It’s] an important market-based tool for adjusting the gargantuanly inefficient distribution patterns brought on by the three-tier system. Retailer-to-consumer shipping across state lines moves fine wine from markets where its demand is less into those markets where its demand is greater. The three-tier system is incapable of efficiently doing this because wholesalers in one state can’t move wine into other states’ markets.” For the record, just 14 states currently allow out-of-state retailers to legally ship wine to their residents.

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  1. Thanks, man! Not sure I’m taking issue so much as splitting a few hairs in the name of further discourse on the topic. ;-) But there are some great (and very civil! :) comments on both Tom’s and my posts on the topic. Cheers!

  2. True, but if I’d gone with “splitting hairs,” not as many people would have clicked the link!

  3. [...] This is the latest post to describe the problem, and make a plea:Free My Drink! [...]

  4. Good point… ;-)