Daily Wine News: Anti-Competitive

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Structure. Uploaded to flickr by p medved.

Motivated by a tasting of New Zealand Pinot Noirs, Eric Asimov pens an excellent column on structure.

Burgundy’s top producers have banded together to make hand harvesting mandatory “in an attempt to defend the region’s age-old traditions.” Um, yea. I’m sure that’s their motivation. It couldn’t possibly be to keep prices artificially high by blocking competitors’ attempts to drive prices down.

A reminder from Clint Bolick of the Goldwater Institute: Consumers don’t need protection from out-of-state wine.

W. Blake Gray visits Gruet (in New Mexico!) and concludes that the “quality-price ratio for its non-vintage Blanc de Noirs ($14) is as high as it gets; I don’t know a better traditional-method bubbly under $15.”

The 4th annual Regional Wine Week begins on October 9! Dave McIntyre has the details. If you’re a blogger, that’s the week to write about “wine from around here, wherever here happens to be.”

In her latest Vintage America column on Eater, Talia Baiocchi explores whether “Wine TV” can succeed.

Even though “alcohol [is] one of the highest-margin items on a menu,” many chain restaurants have decided against liquor sales, as the regulatory rigmarole just isn’t worth the hassle.

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  1. Asimov’s column was good, and one of the few times I’ve read about acidity in red wines. But it’s still geared toward the wine expert, despite his claims otherwise — I asked a few people who drink wine but are non-winos to read it and they didn’t really get what he was talking about.