Daily Wine News: Hot Wine!

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 07-26-2011

Dr. Vino highlights a concerning report from eProvenance that nearly 10% of wine shipments are exposed to temperatures of 86 degrees or warmer for significant amounts of time. Interestingly, much of this exposure occurs during the first and last mile of the wine’s journey. Having dealt with summer shipping issues recently I am quite happy this issue is being researched and discussed.

In his latest column, Eric Asimov profiles Ray Walker, an American winemaker in Burgundy.

Jon Bonné offers up 20 world-class wines that can be had for under $20. The list even includes some Burgundy recommendations!

Over at 1WineDude, Joe Roberts provides some insight into the judging of the Wine Blog Awards.

Not surprisingly, China’s long-running problem of counterfeiting consumer goods has reached the wine industry.  Any interest in some “Benfolds”?

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