Daily Wine News: The Best Pinots Ever

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 03-25-2011

Courtesy of Rhys Vineyards.

The wines of Rhys Vineyards are “the best New World Pinot Noirs” Mike Steinberger has “ever encountered.” Steinberger isn’t one to hyperbolize, so this is quite a statement. He writes more on his blog, where he concludes that the “emergence of Rhys is one of the most exciting developments on the American wine scene in a very long time.”

Elsewhere in Slate, Brian Palmer researches whether wines labeled as “natural,” “organic,” and/or “biodynamic” are really any better for the environment.

Will Lyons is headed to Bordeaux for en primeur week, and fears that prices will be even higher than they were last year.

In Maryland, the bill to allow consumers to purchase wines directly from out-of-state producers hit a roadblock in both the House and the Senate.

On his blog, Joe Roberts writes a great piece on Chateau Montelena.

A nice piece on CNN.com’s Eatocracy looking at millennial drinking habits and the difficulty of becoming a licensed sommelier.

A new study reveals that most wine is not consumed with meals – but rather as a stand-alone beverage, with snacks, or while preparing food. This contradicts industry assertions.

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  1. David- that’s not what the last story describes. If you look at the numbers, 74% of wine is consumed with food; either preparing it, with snacks, at the dinner table or after the meal. Still seems like a majority of the time is with food to me…

  2. Good point – I should have written “meals” rather than food!

  3. Thanks for the mention, bro!

  4. Well, imho, the fact that most americans dont drink wine with meals explains the prevalance of fruit bombs .