Daily Wine News: Obscure Wine Regions

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A vineyard in Alto Adige. Uploaded to flickr by ezioman.

Jay McInerney just returned from a week in Burgundy, and offers some buying advice “for those who don’t like paying through the nose.”

In the print edition of the Journal, Jay McInerney profiles “Becky Wasserman, the American-born Earth Mother of Burgundy.”

In his latest column, Eric Asimov writes about the wines of Alto Adige, a wine region in Northeast Italy.

Speaking of obscure wine regions, check out the new YouTube channel from the London-based Wine and Spirits Education Trust. There, you’ll find three minute wine school classes from Tim Atkin, Master of Wine.

In a super informative piece at Palate Press, W. Blake Gray explains why right now, “sustainable” is just “a meaningless buzzword.”

Chicago-based Goose Island Brewery, one of the nation’s most popular craft beer producers, is purchased by Anheuser-Busch for $39 million.

Last year, Chateau & Estate – America’s leading importer of classified-growth Bordeaux for three decades – announced that it quitting Bordeaux. Wine Spectator looks at what has happened since.

On the blog for Reason magazine, Jacob Sullum looks at the move by Maryland lawmakers to legalize the direct shipment of wine from out-of-state wineries but not out-of-state retailers — and links to Terroirist and my recent oped in the Washington Post.

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  1. Interesting article from the WSJ. I share Jay’s enthusiasm about the 2008 vintage and will be putting far more money into it than 2009. Cru Beaujolais’ have been impressive across the board in 2009, and offer a great alternative to the obscenely high prices for 2009 Burgundian Pinot Noir. Thanks for posting it!