Daily Wine News: A Female Clark Kent

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 03-31-2011

On Eater.com, Talia Baiocchi writes a wonderful profile of Cathy Corison, “a female Clark Kent of California Cabernet.”

In National Journal, Ben Terris explains why HR 1161 would hurt craft beer producers.

For other HR 1161 news, check out Tom Wark’s latest post, where he explains how the wholesaling lobby is hoodwinking lawmakers.

Fred Swan was quite impressed with the wines at the Rhone Rangers Grand Tasting in San Francisco. He was especially struck by the authenticity of the Viognier. His best line? “I didn’t find a single Viognier yesterday that reminded me of Anna Nicole Smith.”

Ever heard of the wine growler? If not, you haven’t spent enough time in Greenville, South Carolina.

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  1. Tom Wark as usual cuts to the chase on the seemingly logical arguments being made in favor of HR1161. The most galling thing to me is that legislators who are hell-bent to do the Beer Wholesalers bidding (read as: my state’s representatives) hide behind the argument that support for the bill is all about protecting states’ rights. They do this while turning a blind eye to the local small businesses they loudly proclaim to support that will eventually be destroyed by this anti Commerce Clause piece of junk.