Daily Wine News: Whipped Lightning!

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These shots need some Whipped Lightning.

Is buttermilk an “unsafe food additive” when combined with booze? Don’t be surprised if the FDA says so. Like Four Loko, “it has an excellent chance of hurting you, and a fairly good chance of tasting good.”

The Specialty Wine Retailers Association asks the Supreme Court if the 21st Amendment overrides the Commerce Clause, and therefore allows states to discriminate against out-of-state wine retailers. Tom Wark has more.

At WinePolicy, Angela Logomasini explains why it’s a good time to read up on direct shipping. She brings attention to an important paper from Wayne Brough at Freedomworks, my recent essay in the World of Fine Wine, and a piece she wrote on HR 5034 for Practical Winery and Vineyard. Angela’s article and Wayne’s paper are definitely worth reading.

Legendary wine writer Jancis Robinson looks at the expanding world of wine. Speaking of which, should I rip up my front yard and plant a vineyard? I’ve got about 1/16th of an acre to work with.

The Bible says that wine is a gift from God “to gladden the heart of man.” And finally, Israel is making some tasty wine. Having recently tasted and enjoyed an Israeli wine — a 2006 Galil Mountain Yiron — I’m already convinced.

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