A Minor Wine Emergency

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About three weeks ago, I came home from work to find my eight bottle wine refrigerator’s digital readout flashing 92 degrees. Sure enough, upon opening the unit, the bottles were warm to the touch, and several showed signs of seepage. The unit was working properly when I left for the office around 8AM, so the bottles were not exposed to extreme temperatures for any more than 10 hours. However, all of the bottles showed varying levels of seepage. I’ve since consumed seven of the eight bottles with varying results. You’ll find a list of the bottles below, as well as some information on their condition upon being removed from the refrigerator. Any care to guess how the bottles showed upon opening?

1. 2007 Sunset Hills Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon – Consumed within 24 hours
2. 1995 Burgess Cabernet Sauvignon Library Release – Consumed within 24 hours
3. 2007 Eric Kent Wine Cellars Pinot Noir Windsor Oaks Vineyard – Consumed within 1 week
4. 2006 Carlisle Russian River Valley Syrah – Consumed within 1 week
5. 2003 Girard Artistry – Consumed within 1 week
6. 2005 Chateau de Clairefont Bordeaux – Consumed within 2 weeks
7. 2007 Eric Kent Wine Cellars Pinor Noir Freestone – Consumed within 2 weeks
8. 2006 Patrick Lesec Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Bargeton –I’ve not yet consumed this bottle.

I’ll post later this week with a rundown of the results. Some of the results might surprise you. In the meantime, use the comments section to guess how the bottles showed upon opening.

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  1. My guess? All the wines with seepage were drinkable, but all were also quite flat. I would expect the pinot to have suffered the most, with the cabs holding up the best.

  2. That sounds horrible! How did it get to 92 degrees?? My guess is that some of those wines were probably not as good as you may have thought they would be, at the appropriate temperature… but I’m interested to know… Maybe the Russian River Syrah held up? I like your blog, and would love to have your opinion on mine… Thanks!

  3. Sean: We’ll check it out and add you to our blogroll!